Car Trash Can Loon Bird in The Sunset Lake Car Accessory for Trash Containing & Car Stuff Storing Portable Car Backseat Organizer and Storage with Large Opening Leakproof Car Garbage Can

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About this item Perfect Fit: It‘s perfect for the small vent gap of your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. This accessories perfectly matches Tesla's minimalist design. Long Lasting: Each single scent stick lasts up to 25-35 days. Alcohol Free:Our aromatherapy is alcohol-free and mainly uses plant-derived essential oils. The fragrance is fresh and natural, not pungent, effectively removes the odor of the new Tesla, and purifies the air in the car. More Stable: The double rubber ring design on both sides can well fix it in the air outlet position. This design prevents it from moving and separating during driving. High Texture Metal:Tesla air fresheners are made of high-quality aluminum tubes with high texture paint. Include:Star Grey Incense storage tube x 1, Scent stick x 4


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